SUBSYSTEMs Software and Cyber Solutions practice is focused on delivering high quality, mission critical applications and cyber-centric IT solutions designed to meet our client’s needs, rather than a specific technology. Our software engineers, application developers, network engineers, and data scientists are versed in a variety of software development methodologies to include developing mission critical applications for clients appraised at CMMI® for Development (CMMI-DEV) Level 5.

Cybersecurity Services Focused on Our Customers’ Needs

Cybersecurity guidance, policy, technology and training are essential to any large organization looking to accomplish their mission with the right blend of security and resilience in today’s challenging cybersecurity environment.  We believe Instead of keeping out threats or finding and fixing vulnerabilities, organizations should focus their efforts on ensuring the availability of key services through resilience.  The focus should be on preventing unacceptable losses.  This approach requires a focus on the final factor of the risk formula – Consequence.

Unlike threats and vulnerabilities, which are always changing and can never be known perfectly, consequences is the only factor in the risk equation that can be known and addressed in advance of any cyber attack or system failure.  If consequence is eliminated, mitigated, or effectively constrained, then threats and vulnerabilities no longer matter.

The Current Cybersecurity Environment 

Today’s fast changing cybersecurity landscape is a significant challenge for any organization.  Especially for larger organizations that have enormous threat vectors that can be attacked, and also valuable assets that must be protected, rapid changes in policy and practices is appropriate to deal with rapidly changing cyber threats.  However, policy and best practices must be viewed differently by each organization due to their own unique mission, responsibilities, risks and vulnerabilities.  Resources are not available to execute every single policy as soon as it is promulgated, and “one size fits all” policies and best practices waste resources.  Organizations today must be fast and flexible in dealing with cyber threats, but that response must be a holistic approach that brings policy, guidance, best practices, technology and training together in a manner that best allows our customers to accomplish their missions.

Our Cybersecurity Services, include:

Cybersecurity Strategy Development

Risk Management Framework Implementation

Cybersecurity Policy and Guidance Development

Certification and Accreditation

Vulnerability Identification, Management and Remediation

Cybersecurity Training and Cybersecurity Workforce Development

Configuration Management

Audit and Compliance

Incident Response Plans

Consequence Management

Threats and Vulnerabilities Updates

Information Technology Procurement Requests