At the heart of our competency delivery model is our Engineering and Technical Services practice area. Our engineers, technicians, and subject matter experts are singularly focused on technology and product development with a specific emphasis on providing our clients with the expertise to turn complex requirements into real solutions.

We are also adept and listening to the end-user for the systems that we support and identify field and depot level fixes, changes to system and subsystem level components to improve performance, and opportunities to improve the sustainability and supportability for fielded systems. The engineers and technicians in the Engineering and Technical Services practice area work hand-in-hand with our Logistics and Field Support practice area for refresh and retrofit opportunities

Finally, our Engineering and Technical Services practice area is heavily engaged in the development of prototype systems procured by our clients through the Other Transactions Agreements for Prototype Projects authority granted to the Department of Defense under 10 U.S.C. 2371b as well as through more traditional contracting mechanisms.