Subsystems - The Difference
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The SUBSYSTEMs Difference

Our Culture

The SUBSYSTEM Difference

Subsystem Technologies, Inc. (SUBSYSTEMs) was founded in 1986 with essential principles that continue to drive ethics in all aspects of our business, and that promote excellence in technical and management consulting solutions –with the client’s success as the foremost prime directive. We have a Grand Strategy that is taught to all employees and regularly updated, to remain robust and to keep these operating principles fresh in our minds and conduct, and foster creativity in our program support services and solutions.

Respect, Authentic Communications, Integrity, Lasting Relationships, and Sustained Excellence (R.A.I.L.S.) are what guide us in developing solutions that focus on client needs and successful programs. We provide our employees with training and career management guidance to 1) bring the best expertise to the client, 2) enable the individual’s success, and 3) secure the growth and long-term success of SUBSYSTEMs for dependability and stability.

The result of this formula is a foundation of solid business and most important, long term relationships with our clients. These relationships include over 20 years each with the Army, Federal Aviation Administration, a component of the Department of Homeland Security (Citizenship and Immigration Service - formerly Immigration and Naturalization Service). That history is the ultimate proof that the SUBSYSTEMs culture matches the federal client market.

Our Work

We carefully review and remain current on the latest technologies. Based on these reviews, SUBSYSTEMs engineers, analysts, and managers assess the best solutions to the ultimate client needs. We have adjusted our Grand Strategy based on these trends and bring the best of breed solutions, focused on national security and safety, to the federal government. We examine the technology and methodological market thoroughly, in relation to the project requirements, and we have implemented an internal information sharing mechanism that brings the lessons learned and best solution to every client, not just the one that has immediately contracted us.

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative, cost effective engineering and program management solutions to the Federal government. SUBSYSTEMs engineering includes a wide range of disciplines spanning the physical sciences and information technology. We also excel in varied management consulting services such as project management (which we do and train clients in doing), financial analysis, and acquisition services. We are expanding our IT experience with burgeoning cyber security and advanced analytics functions – again, staying current and innovative in the industry. We combine technologies for innovation and bring the new creative solutions such as cyber security and related big data cyber threat analyses, to the clients. Security and safety have translated into unique solutions and services for the Military/Defense, Intelligence, Homeland Defense, Justice, and Aviation departments of the federal government.

Our Name

All unified systems are composed of dynamic subsystems. If any subsystem malfunctions, the entire system could be compromised. At Subsystem Technologies, each team member is an integral member of our, and our client, team(s). The SUBSYSTEMs team, including teammates and clients, yields optimal results for the American people.

Our Logo

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Our logo contains two links; one represents individual team members; the other, SUBSYSTEMs as a whole. The chain at SUBSYSTEMs enables growth and the realization of career goals, all aligned with the needs and future plans of the federal clients.

Core Values

The guiding principles that inspire our daily actions are R.A.I.L.S.

Respect Our interaction with colleagues, peers, and others is marked by mutual respect and honor.
Authentic Communication We share ideas, thoughts and concerns with our clients and partners in the most authentic manner.
We do what we say, say what we do, always practice high ethical standards and honor commitments.
Lasting Relationships We are a relationship-based company focused on forging strong, long-term relationships with clients and associates.
Sustained Excellence
We strive to achieve excellence, deliver genuine value to those whom we serve, provide superior customer value, and work to continuously improve our performance.